About me

I was born in the summer of 1968 in Muri in Switzerland. Grown up at a time when Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) was still unknown. At that time, society still thought that parenting or schooling would be enough to guarantee children a successful start in life. My story shows that this is not the case. I had a difficult time at school and still had a nice childhood, which was characterized by freedom and trust in me. In gardening apprenticeship even more badly than right, I could make something of myself, as they say. The key to how a person with ADHD and ADD is doing is always linked to how the environment can deal with it. I experienced different circumstances. My way led me around the world. For years, as a traveler, I went around the world with my backpack, wherever possible, with my back, freedom. Visited His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, Beat Richner in Kambotscha and met Patti Smith at the grave of Hermann Hesse. During this time, my handicap almost faded into the background. Again and again, however, it showed its insidious side and at the age of 45, after renewed challenging living conditions, I decided to clarify in the practice of Dr. Davatz in Baden. Four years after the diagnosis, I tried the drug Ritalin. Through the book "Platzspitzbaby" by Michele Halbheer my path led to the author Franziska K. Müller. Together with me, she wrote this book with great care. After completing the manuscript, Gabriel Palacios' Cameo Verlag in Bern now enables me to publish it in April this year.

Why the hell Ritalin?

Each person can decide for himself whether this medicine is from the devil. For me it was a gift that I was only allowed to unpack late in my life. It now enables me to read a book. Having a coffee without having to go on. And most importantly, I can go through life more relaxed without having to worry constantly about small things. The book is intended to provide information, not ideologically, but with a holistic view of the diagnosis of ADHD / ADS and Ritalin. Explain and weigh advantages and disadvantages. Each reader decides for himself whether this book has any (side) effects.

Stephan Rey in Oktober 2020