​​​​​​​About me

At the age of 45 I was diagnosed with adult ADHD. I've been taking Ritalin for 4 years, which was my "aha" experience.It has greatly improved my quality of life. With this background, I wrote a book in 2020. Explained in almost every chapter, subject-specific, Dr. university Iloma Maier my questions.

Why the heck Ritalin? Each person can decide for themselves whether this drug is from the devil. The book is intended to provide information, not ideologically, but with a holistic view of the ADHD / ADD and Ritalin diagnosis. Explain and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages. Each reader decides for himself whether this book will have (side) effects.

In the summer of 2021, I had the idea for another book that goes back into my Family history. In the year 1870, my family experienced something very unusual. The book will be available in every bookstore from March 2022.

Stephan Rey in January 2022